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Merits of Recycled Plastic Lumber

In simple terms, recycled plastic lumber is a material almost like wood that is made from plastic that has been reclaimed and recycled. Outdoor decking and the making of children’s play equipment is where the plastic lumber is popularly known to be applied today. Mostly it’s more breakable than the natural wood. Hence, applying plastic lumber in structures is not recommended. The recycled plastic lumber has numerous benefits, and some are discussed below;

First, recycled plastic lumber is less costly to utilize. Buying recycled plastic lumber is not cheap, and that is a fact to point out. This is what most people see and fear. What people don’t put in the math when calculating the price of the plastic lumber over the virgin wood is the after-purchase cost of using the particular wood. Disposal costs, installation and replacement costs should be computed together. You will realize that recycled plastic lumber eventually ends up being the least costly type of wood to use. In fact, you end up saving so much money.

Secondly, another merit of the recycled plastic lumber is that it is maintenance free. Anyone with experience with wood deck maintenance over a certain number of years would second that purchasing plastic plumber is better. We can, therefore, assume that maintenance is not required when one is using the reclaimed plastic lumber. In most cases, plastic lumber is pre-colored. There is usually no need to paint or stain it. To add to that, covering or water treatment is not necessary. The only thing you have to do is hose it of dirt.

Also, recycled plastic lumber has no significant negative effect on the environment. Every time you do something that reduces the amount of plastic that is dumped on the ground, you are doing a service to the good of the environment. Plastic lumber has in recent times turned out to be a big factor in lowering the amount of plastic that is nondegradable that is usually deposited in landfills annually. The moment recycled plastic lumber has outlived its purpose, it can be recycled again.

Lastly, recycled plastic lumber is durable. What makes the recycled plastic lumber durables is the fact it is nonporous. Recycled plastic lumber is also graffiti resistant, water resistant and resistant to chemicals. Recycled plastic lumber is preferred in making the making of decks because it can not splinter. By using materials that don’t splinter like recycled plastic wood, you will be able to even walk barefoot on the deck without fear of being pricked on your foot.

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